Sweep! A Roundup of the Marathon Series

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Readers, decluttering is on the rise. Moving, changing jobs, down-sizing, renovating. You have to edit your stuff to get out from under it!

Here begins digest-style postings of the series that began July 4 (linked to each original) and honors requests of readers. This is a prelude for the next series that starts in April.

Ready. Set. Go!

Click here for the original July 4, 2014 series posting.


Just the Highlights of July 4, 2014Pelvic Exam Musings Prompt New ‘Marathon’ to Declare Independence 

– Medical world announced the traditional pelvic exam is no longer recommended on an annual basis, prompting the question what else is unecessary?! Digital time we use. Vitamins, medicine, and protein we think we need. Space we consume. Stuff we hoard. I called it SimpleSizing.

– Readers invited to banish clutter through a 26-week marathon following the 26-letter alphabet structure and consider a leaner, lighter life A to Z in what you habitually do and consume – and produce, buy, accept, acquire, say, write, deliver, distribute, eat, pursue, generate, and obsess about.

Simplesizing doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing. It helps you consider your best sizing.

Tomorrow, series highlights continue…

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