“W” Re-Post: Wabi Sabi, Wisdom, Wealth, and Waste

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Crash Course finishes Sunday. Scroll through; pick a letter; get some SimpleSizing tips. 

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Wabi Sabi– The Japanese aesthetic wabi has been defined variously as: simplicity, imperfect, tranquil, elegance, or irregular beauty. Sabi has been interpreted as the beauty that age bestows, as the natural cycle of birth and death.

Wallet – SimpleSize it so it’s not the weight of a brick! Or leave it home and have fun that’s free.

Wealth – Recently seen in finance company ad: The myth of wealth is that it’s all about wealth. Maybe health is wealth?

World & Waste – It’s still our job to do what we did in kindergarten and clean up after ourselves.

Wheels – Not used on luggage until 1970! Invent a wheel. Be clever and brilliant. Find wiser ways

Wise – If you are wise you will dread a prosperity which only loads you with more. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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