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Carol Schneider, Founder of SimpleSizeMe

Chief Simplicity Officer

Carol Schneider has learned ANYTHING can be simpler in this over-complicated, over-stuffed, over-consumed world. She’s over it… after intermittently being so herself.

A lifetime educator and entrepreneur, Carol has taught and consulted in companies and not-for-profits in communication, management, and work-out skills. Clients include GE, P&G, Chase, March of Dimes, Coach, Sumitomo, and Goldman Sachs, as well as in the arts, schools, and community organizations.  She worked at GE for many years in human resources and taught at their Jack Welch Leadership Center. Her communication training and consulting business, ValidVoices, LLC,  is now incorporated into SimpleSizeMe, LLC, helping individuals/leaders edit their personal practices for creating more streamlined lives and enterprises.

  • Coach – Speaker – Blogger
  • GE HR Leadership Program, and other training certifications, including Work-Out; meeting facilitation; award-winning communicator
  • Environmental and Health Advocate: Carol is also a vegan lifestyle coach/educator, to help people edit their eating and related environmental practices (certificates from eCornell & NYC Main Street Vegan Academy).
  • M.S. and B.S. degrees in education from Indiana University

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GROWING UP on an Indiana farm meant modest living for my family, and we were pretty frugal – sewing, cooking, recycling – in a more leisurely era. But then “consumer” grabbed the American psyche and we all bought in – literally. When I changed careers from teaching to business and made more money, I really succumbed to marketers’ ploys that urged Buy! Buy! And I did.

FORWARD to a new century and my husband and I took a cross-Europe anniversary trip where the 6-hotels in 12 days trip called for just one rolling bag each.  Feeling restricted at first, I soon felt a sense of freedom emerge from that one bag. If traveling with less and living in hotels resulted in joy and relaxation, couldn’t I live joyfully with less back home too?

SIMPLE DISCOVERIES kept popping up. My workout pants – with added heels – doubled one night for the black pants I had torn; the pure taste of only arugula and walnuts dressed in a glaze seemed rich; spare pedestal sinks and open shelves in a hotel looked so sleek without heavy cabinets below. Less started feeling like more.  

RETURNING  home, events around me arose. Our environmental major daughter participated in a student/citizen group to ban retail plastic bags in our town. She also initiated our new vegan lifestyle – kinder, healthier, more sustainable all-around.  I found myself designing simpler materials and methods for my training business.  At home, our book shelves seemed dusty and stuffed.  My closet confounded me with ‘bargain’ clothes that didn’t prove to be.  I created simpler kitchen when we renovated. And one night brushing my teeth to that annoying hum, it hit me how silly it was to have a battery in my toothbrush.  Where did all of this excess begin?  A battery in a toothbrush!  Really?

ENOUGH.  I started questioning everything I did. I began scouring everything of excess to reach a more streamlined, elegant life.  By the time our daughter was off to college, my husband and I moved with his job and I gave away much of what I had spent years coveting. I found even more ways to unload and donate after the move.

MORE ISN’T BETTER, more is just more – a major learning in my life. Fewer finer things is my new mantra when it comes to people, goods, food, and activity.

SimpleSizeMe was born from this. As we evolve, may we graduate to the luxury of less – sloughing off the ballast as nature does – leaving time and space for what really counts.