“Z” Re-Post: Zoom and laugh at Seinfeld’s “trashification”

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Ending today: 26-day re-posts. SimpleSizeMe.net

Click here for original “Z” post.

Just highlights below:

Click to see Jerry Seinfeld trash the stuff we collect in a 5-minute stand-up on Jimmy Fallon. “We’re in a continuous state of being garbage processing centers.”

Zoom & Zap –  Zoom on what worksZap what’s become “crapified“…such as old notions and people who deplete you, bad work practices, foods that weigh weight up and health down, wardrobes full of sizes and lives past, excess cabinets, closets, furniture, stuff.

Zenith – Without clutter in your life, you’ll get to your next zenith.

Zones – Declare home a clutter-free zone

Zen – We know it when we feel it.  Achieve more through less to give back for what really counts.

Thank you for following this series!  original series started here.

I look forward to connecting with you again.


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